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App Layering 4

Mar 24, 2017

Citrix App Layering provides application packaging and lifecycle management for the digital workspace. Use App Layering to manage and update your apps once and then deploy the updated apps anywhere. Our patented application layering technology containerizes desktop apps as virtual disks. Containerizing the apps increases efficiency for IT and improves user experience. To learn more, visit

Manage applications by using App Layering

  • Ensure app compatibility. Virtualize all Windows apps by using one install.
  • Deliver apps in real time. Deliver individual apps when users log on, for both Citrix XenApp and VDI.
  • Rely on app portability. Deliver the same app layer to all hypervisors and clouds without repackaging.
  • Integrate. Snap virtualized apps into existing provisioning, end-user computing, and cloud platforms.
  • Manage images. Use one Windows image to manage all your desktops.

Get started with App Layering

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