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May 25, 2016

Creating a Citrix Cloud Account

If you encounter an error when signing up for a Citrix Cloud account, contact Citrix Customer Service.

Signing Into Your Account

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If you're having trouble signing into your Citrix Cloud account, make sure you sign in with the email address and password you provided when you signed up for your account.

If you’ve forgotten or need to reset your account password, use the Forgot your username or password option. You’ll get your new password in an email.

If you do not receive the password reset email, or you need additional assistance, contact Citrix Customer Service.

Citrix Cloud Support Forums

On the Citrix Cloud support forums you can get help, provide feedback and improvement suggestions, view conversations from other users, or begin your own topics.

Citrix support staff members track these forums and are ready to answer your questions. Other Citrix Cloud community members may also offer help or join the discussion.

You do not need to log in to read forum topics. However, you must log in to post or reply to a topic.

To log in, use your existing Citrix account credentials or use the email address and password you provided when you created your Citrix Cloud account. To create a new forum account, click the Create New Account option.

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Technical Support

If you’re experiencing an issue that requires technical help, click the Feedback and Support icon near the top-right of the screen, and then select Open a Ticket.

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You can then enter the details of the issue in the form that appears. Citrix Technical Support will follow up with you to resolve the issue. 

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Support Articles

You’ll find support articles at