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Getting Started

Jun 29, 2017

This document walks you through how to get started with onboarding and setting up NetScaler Management and Analytics Service (NetScaler MA Service) for the first time. This document is intended for network and application administrators who manage Citrix network devices (NetScaler, SD-WAN WO, NetScaler Gateway, and so on). You must follow the steps in this document irrespective of the type of device you plan to manage using NetScaler MA Service.

The following image illustrates the steps you have to perform to get started.

localized image

Before you begin onboarding, make sure you review the browser requirements, the agent installation requirements, and the port requirements.

Step 1: Sign Up for Citrix Cloud

To start using NetScaler MA Service, you must first create a new Citrix Cloud company account or join an existing one that has been created by someone else in your company. For detailed processes and instructions on how to proceed, see Signing Up for Citrix Cloud.


Step 2: Request a NetScaler MA Service Trial

After you log on to Citrix Cloud, a screen similar to the following appears. In the Available Services section, on the NetScaler Management and Analytics Service tile, click Request Trial

localized image

The NetScaler Management and Analytics Service tile moves to the My Services section, and the button then changes to View Trial Status. You will receive an email to notify you when your trial becomes available. It might take a few minutes. After you are authorized to access the trial, the button on the tile changes to Manage. Click Manage to log on to the NetScaler MA Service GUI.


Citrix assigns permissions to you to access the NetScaler Management and Analytics Service for a 30-day trial period. For information about trial subscriptions and how to buy, see

The following image shows the NetScaler MA Service GUI screen. Click Get Started to begin setting up the service for the first time.

localized image

Step 3: Download and Install the NetScaler MA Service Agent

You must install and configure the NetScaler MA Service agent in your network environment to enable communication between the NetScaler MA Service and the managed instances in your data center or cloud.

You can install an agent on any one of the following hypervisors in your enterprise data center: Citrix XenServer, VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Linux KVM Server.

On the Set Up Agent page, select the hypervisor and click Download Image to download the agent image to your local system.

localized image

A service URL and an activation code are generated and displayed on the GUI. Copy both because you have to enter the service URL and the activation code while installing the agent on your hypervisor. The agent uses the service URL to locate the service and the activation code to register with the service.

For instructions about installing an agent on your on-premises hypervisor, see Installing NetScaler MA Service Agent on Premises.


You can also install a NetScaler MA Service agent on Microsoft Azure cloud or AWS cloud.

To install the agent on the cloud, you do not have to download the agent image from the Set Up Agent page. The agent image is available on the respective cloud marketplace.

You must, however, generate the service URL and the activation code by clicking Generate Activation Code, and then copy and save them to use during agent installation.

Step 4: Add Instances to NetScaler MA Service

NetScaler instances are NetScaler network appliances or virtual appliances that you want to discover, manage, and monitor from NetScaler MA Service. To manage and monitor these instances, you must add the instances to the service.

After you have successfully installed and registered the agent, it is displayed on the NetScaler MA Service GUI. When the agent status is in the UP state denoted by a green dot next to it, click Add Instances to start adding instances to the service.

localized image

On the Add Instances screen, specify values for Agent, Instance Type, IP Address, and Profile Name, and then click OK

localized image

After the instances are added, you can view the number of instances that have been successfully discovered. Click the number to view details of these instances.

localized image

Click Done to complete your initial setup and start managing your deployment.


If you do not want to add instances during the initial setup, you can click Done to complete the setup and add the instances at a later time. For instructions about how to add instances at a later time to NetScaler MA Service, see Adding Instances.