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Managing Subscriptions

Jun 29, 2017

NetScaler Management and Analytics Service (NetScaler MA Service) requires a verified license to manage and monitor Citrix NetScaler instances. You can manage and monitor any number of instances when you are on the trial period or when you have subscribed to a valid license. However, you can manage the discovered applications on the App Dashboard, view analytics data, and monitor network functions and network reports only for the number of virtual servers for which you have purchased licenses. During trial period, you can monitor only 10 virtual servers or applications.

With each installed license, you will receive a limited amount of data and capacity to manage certain virtual servers. However, you can also purchase and apply data-only licenses to top-up your data storage.


After the trial period expires, you must purchase a valid license to continue to use any feature in NetScaler MA Service.

For information and instructions about buying and upgrading your NetScaler Management and Analytics Service licenses, see

You can view the licenses installed on your NetScaler MA Service by navigating to Settings > Subscriptions. You can also view the license summary such as the type of license subscribed to, the entitled data subscription and consumed data subscription, and the allowed and managed virtual servers in the Summary section.

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The following table lists the NetScaler licenses that are required to use some of the NetScaler Management and Analytics Service features.

NetScaler Management and Analytics Service Features NetScaler License Requirement


HDX Insight


Security Insight


Gateway Insight


Enterprise (reporting < 1 hour)
Platinum (reporting = Unlimited)

Platinum (or)
Enterprise with App Firewall license

Enterprise (reporting < 1 hour)
Platinum (reporting = Unlimited)


Application Statistics (App Dashboard, App Security Dashboard)


Inventory Management –  Infrastructure Dashboard, Instance groups, Instance dashboards & Sites

Event Management & Syslog

Configuration Jobs, Configuration Audit & Configuration Advice

Network reporting (Instance level)

Network reporting ( virtual server level)

Network Functions

(Plain visibility & Management of virtual servers, services, service groups, server)

SSL certificate management (Instance level)

SSL certificate management ( virtual server level)

NetScaler Web App Firewall related information on App dashboard, and app security dashboard needs  Platinum (or) Enterprise with App Firewall license





































RBAC & External Authentication (instance level)

RBAC & External Authentication (virtual server level)


Selecting the Virtual Servers to Manage

You can select the virtual servers you want to manage and monitor through NetScaler MA Service. 

Points to Note

  • By default, NetScaler MA Service automatically licenses the virtual servers randomly after each virtual server poll cycle.
  • If the total number of virtual servers discovered in your NetScaler MA Service is lower than the number of installed virtual server licenses, NetScaler MA Service, by default, licenses all the virtual servers.

To select the virtual servers manually, or to restrict licensing to limited virtual servers, you have to first disable auto licensing the virtual servers, and then select the virtual servers you want to manage.

1. Log on to NetScaler Management and Analytics Service using a supported web browser.

2. Navigate to Settings > Subscriptions.

    The dashboard displays the virtual server licenses available, the managed virtual servers along with the virtual server type, and license expiry information

3. In Subscription Settings, disable Auto-select Virtual servers.

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4. Click Select Virtual Servers.

5. In the Choose Virtual Servers screen, select the type of virtual servers by clicking the relevant tab.

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6. Select the virtual servers to be licensed from the available list.

7. Click Next to move to the other virtual servers’ tab, or click Save and Exit to license the selected virtual servers.

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Expiry Checks for Virtual Server Subscriptions

You can view the status of installed licenses with the expiry and the allowed storage limit to the licenses in NetScaler Management and Analytics Service.

To view the status of the licenses

1. Navigate to Settings > Subscriptions.

2. In the Subscription Expiry Information section, you can view the details of licensed virtual servers and the days to expiry:

  • Allowed Virtual Servers: Number of virtual servers that are being managed with the license.
  • Allowed Storage: Storage limit of the license.
  • Days to expiry: Number of days remaining before the license expiry. 
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