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Migrating an High Availability Pair to App Controller 2.8

Oct. 08, 2015

You can upgrade two App Controller virtual machine (VMs) in a high availability pair from App Controller 2.6 to App Controller 2.8. You can migrate each VM by using one of two methods:

  • Upgrading each VM in the pair.
  • Installing two new instances of App Controller on your hypervisor.

App Controller provides 50 gigabytes (GB) of disk space. If you upgrade each VM in the pair, each instance has 50 GB of disk space.

If you install new instances of App Controller, you can use the same IP addresses that you used for App Controller 2.6. When you install new instances, you install and configure the VM by using the instructions in Installing App Controller 2.8. Then, you can use the command-line console to create the high availability pair with App Controller 2.8.

To upgrade App Controller in a high availability pair

In this procedure, the primary node is called A and the secondary node is B.

  1. Shut down node B in the high availability pair.
  2. Upgrade node A by using the instructions in To update App Controller.
  3. When the upgrade is finished, restart node A and then shut down node A.
  4. Start node B, repeat Step 2 for node B and then restart node B. When you restart node B, it becomes the primary node.
  5. Start A node. When you start node A, it becomes the secondary node.

After you upgrade and restart both nodes, the VMs automatically join to create the high availability pair.

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