Product Documentation


Jun 05, 2015

The CloudPortal Services Manager provisioning engine is a Microsoft .NET service and is a key part of the Services Manager system. Each provisioning request is processed by a set of provisioning rules that determine the actions required to fulfill the request.

The provisioning engine receives requests from the Services Manager web application through Microsoft Message Queue. This allows lengthy provisioning tasks to be executed out-of-process improving the end-user experience.

As the provisioning engine performs many administrative tasks it runs in the context of the user ServerName_qmon, where ServerName is the name of the computer running the provisioning engine. This user must have full domain administrator permissions.

Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager supports a variety of services that service providers can provision to resellers and customers. When provisioned, the following services provide administrative interfaces that allow resellers and customers to perform tasks such as managing users and service resources:
Service Tasks
  • Manage application groups
  • Manage network and application resources
  • Manage hosted applications
DNS Manage DNS zones
  • Create, modify, delete public folders
  • Manage contacts
  • Manage distribution groups
  • Create resource mailboxes
  • Import and export mailboxes
File Sharing
  • Create file shares
  • Manage security groups
MySQL Once provisioned, customers can manage MySQL databases through a separate Web-based administration console.
Virtual Machines
  • Add virtual servers
  • Create server restore checkpoints
  • Restore servers with checkpoints
Windows Web Hosting
  • Create security groups
  • Manage Web sites
  • Install Web applications
  • Manage subdomains