Product Documentation

Configuring SharePoint Instances and Provisioning to Customers

Jun 05, 2015
To provision SharePoint Services (version 3.0) to a customer, you first create an instance. You can provision the following types of sites:
  • A root site
  • A child site of the root site

The type of instance is determined by the SharePoint customer plan you select. You can provision multiple instances to a customer. For a SQL-authenticated SharePoint site, a Site Administrator is created. This user has permissions to add users to the site who are not authentication through Active Directory and do not have access to CloudPortal Services Manager.

  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Customers > Customer Services.
  2. In Customer Search, find the customer for whom you want to provision SharePoint Services.
  3. In the services list, select SharePoint Services create an instance. The Instance Setup page appears.
  4. In Customer Plan, select the template you want to assign to the customer. To customize the template's configuration settings, click Edit. When you are finished, click Apply Changes to save your selections.
  5. Depending on the customer plan selected in Step 4, configure the following options:
    • In Site Language, select the language for the site.
    • In Site Name, enter a host header for the site. This comprises the URL for accessing the site.
    • In Quota Template, to override the default values in the SharePoint quota template, select the Override the default package value check box and select a different template.
    • In Site Owner, enter the name, email address, and credentials for the user account granted Full Control rights to the site. This user can add users to the site who do not have access to CloudPortal Services Manager. These fields apply to SQL-authenticated sites only.
  6. Click Advanced Settings and perform the following actions:
    1. In Maximum Users, select the Enabled check box and enter the total amount of users the customer can add to the site.
    2. In Billing, ensure the Enabled check box is selected so the service generates charges to the customer.
    To override the default settings for the site, click Service Settings and make the appropriate changes. When you are finished, click Apply Changes.
  7. Click Provision to enable the customer to provide access to the SharePoint site.