Product Documentation

Virtual Machines Services

Jun 05, 2015

Customers provisioned with Virtual Machine services can create and manage the virtual servers in their organizations. Customers can add and configure new virtual servers, create checkpoints that enable restoring virtual servers to a previous state, and add or remove servers from available networks.

Resource Pools

Customers can be assigned resource pools which include limits on total disk storage, memory, processors, and number of virtual machines. When a resource pool is assigned, the customer can create, manage, stop, start, upgrade, and downgrade their virtual servers through the Services Manager control panel. If more resources are needed, the customer's reseller can add the required resources.

Virtual Networks

Customers can be assigned one or more virtual networks and Services Manager can automatically assign a VLAN tag or allow the customer to assign the tag manually.

After the network is set up, the customer can add or remove virtual servers from the virtual network. Virtual networks can span across multiple physical hosts managed by the same SCVMM server. This means that customers' virtual servers can be distributed across hosts.