Product Documentation

Manage Roles

Jun 05, 2015

A security role is a set of permissions that defines customer, administrator, and user access to specific tasks in the services manager. For example, the first or default user created for a customer is a customer administrator. The customer administrator is automatically assigned the Customer Administrator security role (and can also be assigned other security roles). The customer administrator can then assign one or more security roles to users in the customer hierarchy. A security role can also consist of multiple security roles; for example, the My Account and Services Management role consists of the My Account Management and My Services Management roles.

The services manager is installed with a default set of security roles. A service provider can manage security roles associated with:
  • Customer, user, and service tasks
  • User services
  • Reports and reporting
  • Dialogs, menus, or pages in the services manager
This topic lists the default security roles available and describes how to: