Product Documentation

Role Setup

Jun 05, 2015

The Role Setup area of the Role Management dialog enables you to specify the service to which the role is applied, any associated role groups (such as Exchange Users), administrator type, and other settings and information.

Provide a descriptive name for the security role, using alphanumeric characters, including spaces.
Directory Name
Specify the name of an Active Directory security group to associate with the security role. Leave this value blank if you do not want to create a group. Specify the name in the form of a pattern. For example, specify "HE [CustomerShortName} USERS" for Hosted Exchange Users of a particular customer.
Optionally describe the new security role.
Filter on Service
Select an existing service from the drop-down list. If a service filter is selected and the customer has been provisioned with that service, the security role is available in the user or customer Account Settings dialog. Selecting this option enables the Service Filter Scope setting.
Service Filter Scope
This setting is enabled if you selected a service from the Filter on Service drop-down list.
  • Select Customer to make the security role available if the customer is provisioned with the service. For example, an administrator can view service administration dialogs when the service is provisioned to a customer.
  • Select User to activate the role to users provisioned with the associated service.
  • Select Enabled to automatically assign the security role to all users. The security role is not displayed on the user Account Settings dialog.
  • Clear Enabled to make the security role selectable on the user Account Settings dialog.
  • Select Enabled to hide the security role; that is, the security role is not visible to users other than the service administrator. Use this option until the security role is ready to be applied to users or customers.
  • Clear Enabled to make the security role visible in the services manager.
Role Groups
Attach existing security roles to the new or edited security role. When assigned, the user or customer inherits the permissions of the new or edited security role and the selected security roles.
Administration Role
  • Select Enabled to include this security role as common role to all users. The security role is displayed on the user Account Settings dialog.
  • Select Clear to make this security role available to users through the Configure a custom role collection option displayed on the user Account Settings dialog.
User role type
Select one of the following user role types. A related icon will appear next to the user when the security role is assigned:
  • None
  • Service Administrator
  • User Administrator
  • User and Service Administrator
Available to all customers
  • Select Enabled to make the security role available to all customers. The role can be assigned to any user unless explicitly denied to a customer when creating or editing the customer properties.
  • Clear Enabled to enable you to explicitly assign the role to a customer or reseller customer (which can then be assigned to a user) from the Allowed Roles list available from the customer's Advanced Properties.