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CRM 2011 Services

Jun 05, 2015

This topic describes configuring the CRM 2011 service with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).


Before configuring the CRM 2011 service, ensure the following items are present:
  • CRM 2011 is deployed in your environment. For more information, refer to the CRM product documentation.
  • The Internet-facing Deployment (IFD) feature of CRM 2011 has been configured. This enables integration of ADFS with CRM 2011.
  • User connections to CRM 2011 are successful. Verify there are no certificate errors. Test the environment by creating an organization using CRM 2011 Deployment Manager and, afterward, browsing to the site.
  • Ensure the CortexAdmins group has been added to the CRM Deployment Administrators group.
  • Ensure all CRM service accounts have been added to the CortexAdmins group.
  • Ensure a service account called CRMadfsSVC has been created. This account must have Read permissions to all user objects in AD. Ensure the account has been added to the Local Administrators group on the ADFS server.

To deploy the ADFS Web service

Use this procedure to install the ADFS Web service on the ADFS server in your environment and enable the server to execute PowerShell commands.

  1. Copy the ADFS Web service to the ADFS server:
    1. From the CloudPortal Services Manager 10 installation media, navigate to SupportCRM2011 and copy the ADFSWebService.asmx file.
    2. On the ADFS server, open IIS Manager (Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and navigate to the Default Web Site.
    3. Expand the Default Web Site node, right-click ADFS, and then select Explore.
    4. Double-click the LS directory and paste the ADFSWebService.asmx file.
  2. Install the System.Management.Automation.dll on the ADFS server:
    1. Locate and copy the System.Management.Automation.dll file. Typically, this file is located at
    2. On the ADFS server, in IIS Manager, navigate to the ADFSLSbin directory and paste the System.Management.Automation.dll file.
      Note: Create the bin directory if it does not exist on the server.
  3. To verify the Web service is installed correctly, launch a Web browser and enter the URL of the ADFSWebService.asmx file in the address bar. For example, The URL returns the ADFSService definition page.

To configure the CRM 2011 service