Product Documentation

Mail Archiving

Jun 05, 2015

The Mail Archiving service enables CSPs and resellers to set up Exchange 2007 and 2010 journaling rules for their customers. Incoming and outgoing email are included in a journal report which is sent to the customer's journaling inbox. The journal report contains the transport envelope data of the archived message and the original message is included as an attachment.

Services Manager supports the following journaling types:
  • Internal journaling
  • External journaling
  • Global Relay, where mail is archived offsite through the Global Relay Message Archive service

The Mail Archiving service's customer plan defines the journaling type that is provisioned to customers.

  1. Enable the service at the top level:
    1. From the Services Manager menu bar, select Configuration > System Manager > Service Deployment and then expand Mail Archiving.
    2. Click Save.
  2. Enable the service at the location level:
    1. Under Service Filter, select Active Directory Location Services.
    2. Choose a location filter, if applicable.
    3. Expand the Mail Archiving service, click Service Settings, and perform either of the following actions:
      • If you are using internal or external archiving, leave the setting defaults.
      • If you are using Global Relay, enter the service URL (typically and the customer's Global Relay email and password information. Click Validate to confirm the settings are valid.
    4. Click Apply Changes.
  3. At the location level, expand the Mail Archiving service and then expand the customer plan you want to enable. Use the following table to configure the appropriate settings.
    Plan Template Template Property
    Internal Relay Archive Type: Generic Internal
    Mail Databases: Specify the location of the internal journal mailbox
    External Relay Archive Type: Generic External
    Global Relay Archive Type: Global Relay
    Global Relay IMAP Port: 993
    Global Relay IMAP Server: Specify the external address configured to allow Global Relay to download the customer's mail
    Mail Databases: Specify the location where the Global Relay archiving mailboxes are stored
  4. Click Apply Changes and then click Save.