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About This Release

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2014-01-06

Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager transforms cloud infrastructures into profitable cloud businesses with a comprehensive platform to manage business and operations support services, customers, and cloud offerings. Services Manager is an easy-to-use web portal that helps service providers manage the delivery of cloud services and offerings to their customers. It provides out-of-the-box support for Desktop-as-a-Service and Windows apps (powered by Citrix XenApp), as well as popular business applications like Exchange, Office, SharePoint, Lync, web hosting and more. Without any IT expertise, customers can add or change services, view reports and manage users.

What's new

  • Workflow approval

    Workflow Approval helps you manage provisioning changes that impact service consumption and billing. New security roles allow users to self-provision services and monitor their own provisioning requests. Approval chains route provisioning requests based on your organizational structure or approval process. Customizable templates allow you to send timely notifications at each step in the approval process for every service.

  • AD Sync enhancements

    The AD Sync service includes support for synchronizing Exchange contacts and distribution groups.

  • Hosted Exchange enhancements

    The Hosted Exchange service includes support for Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013, and supports the native mail archiving feature in these versions.

  • Data warehouse and Reporting enhancements
    Services Manager includes the following Reporting enhancements:
    • Include reports when importing or exporting services
    • Run and view Distributor Summary reports from the control panel
    • Define billing units for services and associate them with plan types
    • Include Prepay criteria when generating reports
    • Include aggregate and non-aggregate properties and counters in reporting views for customers and resellers
  • Improved installation experience

    Services Manager simplifies web service deployment with wizard driven installation and configuration. The Setup and Configuration Tools detect service prerequisites, perform post-install configuration, and automate tasks such as Group Policy and PowerShell remoting configuration. After deploying a service, use the control panel to create user and customer plans, define server resources, and provision customers.

  • Improved upgrading experience

    Upgrading from CloudPortal Services Manager 10 is simplified with support for in-place upgrades for system databases, platform server roles, web services, and the Reporting service. Migration of the data warehouse is also included in the upgrade process. The Configuration Tool backs up required files and sites, stops and starts services as required, upgrades components, and applies updates as appropriate. For an overview of the upgrade process, see Upgrade from CloudPortal Services Manager 10.

  • Server platform support

    Services Manager platform components can be deployed on servers running Windows Server 2012. For more information about system requirements and support, see System Requirements for CloudPortal Services Manager.