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To create customer administrators

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-02-12
After you create and initially provision a customer, Services Manager automatically prompts you to create the first user for the customer: the customer administrator. If you do not create an administrator at this time, when you attempt to create the first user for the customer, it is created as an administrator.
  • Before you create a customer administrator, gather all contact information and determine a password for this user. You can choose to provide more detailed contact information when you create the user.
  • After you create (that is, provision) this user, the Services Manager will automatically prompt you to provision services.
  1. Find and select the customer for whom you want to create the administrative user, as described in Find customers.
  2. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Users > New Users.
  3. If not expanded, expand User Details, then select or type the following information:
    • In UPN, type a user name that will be added to the appended domain name that you select from the drop-down list. This entry is automatically populated in the Username field. You can edit this field.
    • In First Names and Last Name, type the user's first and last name. These entries are automatically populated in the Display Name field. You can edit this field.
  4. Click Additional User Properties to add more details about the user.
  5. Under Address, General, Organization, and Telephones, add information as appropriate.
  6. Under Password Configuration, add a password for the user.
  7. Click Account Settings and configure the following options:
    • Change Password at Logon
    • Account Disabled
    • Account Locked
    • Account Expires
  8. Click Advanced Options to select security roles for the customer administrator.
  9. Ensure the Configure a custom role collection check box is cleared and then select one of the following administrator roles from the drop-down list:
    • Customer Administrator
    • Partial User Administrator (Reset Passwords)
    • Service Administrator
    • User Administrator
    • User and Service Administrator
  10. (Optional) Expand Email Addresses to configure one or more email addresses for the customer administrator.
    Note: If no email address is specified, Services Manager automatically assigns an email address constructed from the UPN.
  11. Click Provision to create the user. Services Manager automatically prompts you to provision services.