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Role Permissions: Menus, Pages, Reports

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-05-11

This topic describes the settings used for defining a security role's access to menus, pages, and reports in the control panel. These settings appear in the Role Permissions section of the Role Management screen. To access the Role Management screen, select Configuration > Security > Security Roles and then create or select the security role you want to configure.

For information about role settings for accessing customers, services, and users, see Role Permissions: Customers, Services, User Services, Users.

To permit a security role to access specific menus, pages, or reports, you select the appropriate check box. To deny access, clear the appropriate check box.
Note: When granting access to submenus, you must also enable access to all parent menus. If you do not enable access to the parent menus, the submenu item is not visible to applicable users when they are logged on to the control panel. For example, if you enable access to the Customer Brand submenu item, but do not enable access to Customers, Configuration, and Branding, the Customer Brand menu item does not appear in the menu bar to applicable users.

After you have finished modifying the security role, click Save.

Menu reference

Top-level Menu Second-level Submenus Third-level Submenus Fourth-level Submenus
Customers New Customer    
Customer Services
Customer Hierarchy
Configuration Branding
  • Brands
  • Customer Brand
Customer List
  • Customer List Types
  • Customer Lists
  • Table Schema
  • Table Data
  • Display Properties
Customer Move  
Email Notification
Organizational Structure
  • Departments
  • Locations
  • User Specified Groups
Restricted Domains  
  • Security Groups
  • User Groups
Users New User    
Bulk User Import
  • Email Configuration
  • User Move
Services (All installed services are listed here) Group Management    
SQL Hosting Summary
AD Sync
  • AD Sync Download
  • AD Sync Server Monitor
Backup Agent Client  
Citrix Application Access
Customer Application Groups
  • Applications
  • Application Groups
  • Citrix Applications
  • Resources
CRM 2011
  • CRM Summary
  • CRM Import
  • DNS Records
  • DNS Templates
  • Exchange Summary
  • Device Settings
  • Contacts
  • Distribution Groups
  • Public Folders
  • Resource Mailboxes
  • Mailbox Import/Export
File Sharing Manager  
Hosted Apps and Desktops
  • Advertisement Management
  • Resources
  • Databases
  • Users
SharePoint 2010
  • Farms
  • Farm Configuration
  • Feature Packs
Virtual Machine Virtual Machines
Resource Summary
  • Virtual Resource Manager
  • Virtual Network Manager
Windows Web Hosting
  • IIS Site Manager
  • Web Site Import
Configuration Content Management
  • Content Translation
  • Language Import/Export
  • Supported Languages
  • URL Branding
Provisioning & Debug Tools
  • Recorded Errors
  • Provisioning Requests
  • Bulk Reprovisioning
  • Package Migration Wizard
  • Bulk Exchange Mobile SMS
  • Security Roles
  • Page Manager
System Manager Locations  
Service Schema
Service Deployment
Server Roles
Server Collections
Server Connections
Server Resources
  • SQL Servers
  • Web Servers
Workflow Setup
Control Panel Properties
Workflow Approval Responses    
Approval Requests
Approval Status
  • Workflow Groups
  • Workflow Managers
  • Approval Emails
  • Approval Providers
Reports View Reports    
Configuration Data Warehouse
Help Version and Copyright Information    
My Account
  • Personal Details
  • Exchange Summary
  • SQL Hosting Summary
  • Services
  • Change Password
  • Security Questions
Logout None