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Modify users

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-02-12

To modify an individual user

The User Functions dialog box enables you, as the administrator, to manage an individual user in your organization. To manage multiple users with User Functions, use the Multi User Selection dialog box.

  1. Find a user by using one of the following methods in Find users.
  2. Click the user name to display the User Functions dialog box.
  3. Select any of the following options:
    Option Description
    Edit User Modify user contact information and email addresses, change the user password, add or remove security roles, and modify account settings.
    Copy User Make a copy of an existing user within a customer hierarchy. The copied user resides in the original customer hierarchy and possesses the original user's provisioned services. See Move and copy users.
    Delete Permanently delete a deprovisioned user account from the Services Manager and Active Directory. This function is only available after you deprovision a user.
    Deprovision Deactivate the user account in Active Directory but keep the account information in the Services Manager database.
    Disable Disable the user account in the Services Manager database and Active Directory. The user cannot log in to the Services Manager while disabled and the administrator cannot modify any services previously provisioned to the user.
    • To reinstate the user, click Enable and then Provision.
    • To delete the user, click Delete. This action deletes the user account from the Services Manager and Active Directory and also deletes any data associated with the user (such as Exchange mailboxes).
      Note: You can modify user settings by using Edit User while the user is disabled. Click Provision in the Edit User dialog box to apply the changes to the user.
    Enable Reinstates the user account in the Services Manager and Active Directory. Next, click Provision to provide the user with full access to its provisioned services.
    Provision Activate the user account after updating or modifying account settings. If a user had been disabled, Enable the user before performing a Provision operation.
    Services Select and configure service settings and provision one or more services to the user.

To modify multiple users

  1. Perform one of the following steps:
    • If you are a Service Provider administrator, search for and select a customer, then click Users to display that customer's users.
    • If you are a customer administrator, click Users from the Services Manager menu bar to display your users.
  2. Under Multi User Selection, click Select All Users to select every user in the customer hierarchy. Otherwise, select the users on which to perform the operation.
  3. Click one of the following options:
    • Services
    • Disable
    • Enable
    • Provision
    • Deprovision
    • Delete