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Move and copy users

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-02-12
You can move a user from one customer to another customer, migrating the user information and provisioned services to the new customer, with the following conditions:
  • Both customers must belong to the same Services Manager location (that is, Active Directory domain).
  • Provisioned services that will transfer with the user are limited to Hosted Exchange and Office Communications Server (OCS). If the user is provisioned with any other service, deprovision that service before attempting the migration.

You can also make a copy of an existing user within the customer hierarchy. The copied user resides in the original user's customer hierarchy and possesses the original user's provisioned services.

To move a user to a different customer

Ensure that you perform the following procedure as a Service Provider or Reseller administrator.

  1. From the Service Manager menu bar, select Users > Configuration > User Move.
  2. In Customer Search, type a source customer name and click Next. Services Manager returns the source customer name, if found.
  3. In User Search, type a user name and click Next. Services Manager returns the user name, if found.
  4. In Customer Search, type a destination customer name and click Next. Services Manager returns the customer name, if found, and displays the User Mapping table to enable you to change the moving user's new UPN and email address.
  5. Accept or edit the defaults and click Next.
  6. Click Finish to move the user.

When complete, Services Manager prompts you to review the customer and user. Citrix recommends that you review both and edit each as required. To move another user, click Move another user to a new customer.

To copy a user in the same customer hierarchy

Ensure that you perform the following procedure as a user administrator, at a minimum.

When performing this procedure, consider the following items:
  • Some services might appear in the User Services dialog box with a blue provisioning status. Blue indicates that the user's services require additional configuration. After configuring the service, manually provision it.
  • When the Hosted Exchange service is provisioned to the copied user, the default primary email address is the new copied user's address.
  • If populated, the Title and Web Page fields in Additional User Properties are copied to the new user.
  1. Click Users to display all users for a customer, then click a user to access the User Functions dialog box.
  2. Click Copy User. The Create User page appears.
  3. Enter user details and password for the new user and configure account settings as described in Create users and configure account settings.
  4. Click Copy Services and clear the check boxes for any provisioned services you do not want to be copied to the new user.
  5. Click Provision. The Provision Services page displays all provisioned and unprovisioned services.
  6. Provision any additional services from the list to the copied user.
  7. Click Provision for each service you want to provision to the user. The copied user is now created and provisioned in the customer hierarchy.