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Services Manager Terminology and Concepts

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-02-20

The Services Manager documentation uses the following terminology:

Active Directory Location Services ("location level")
The level at which settings are configured for services enabled for a specific location. By default, services deployed within a location inherit the settings configured at the top environment level. However, these settings can be overridden at the location level.
control panel
The web-based interface that CSPs, resellers, and customer administrators use to configure and manage services, resources, and users.
customer administrator
The first user created for a customer. This user has permission to create and modify user accounts, provision services to users, and manage all services that are provisioned to the customer.
customer plan
In the context of services, a collection of configured settings that apply to all customers provisioned with a specific service. Typically, customer plans represent different levels of service that the CSP provides to customers or enables resellers to sell. For example, a customer plan might specify certain servers be used for a service, limit the total amount of resources available for a customer to use, or enable or define specific features of a service. For some services, creating a customer plan is required to enable the service at the top environment level.
Corresponds with an Active Directory domain and used to create associations between specific services, customers, and users. For example, a service can be deployed to a specific location and provisioned only to customers and users in that location. Services Manager supports multiple locations and the control panel can display only the items associated with a selected location.
The process of fulfilling requests made to the Provisioning engine for specific tasks such as creating customers, assigning security roles, and removing users.
service provider administrator
The first administrator user created when the first location is created for a Services Manager deployment.
Top Environment Services ("top environment level")
The level at which default settings are configured for the Services Manager deployment. Settings configured at this level are inherited by all locations in the deployment. These settings can be overridden at the Active Directory Location Services level. Services must be enabled at the top environment level before they can be enabled and configured at the location level.
user plan
In the context of services, a collection of configured settings that apply to all users associated with a specific customer. Typically, user plans represent different modes of service that a customer provides. For example, a user plan might be configured to allow provisioned users access to a specific network resource, limit the number of users that can be provisioned with the service, or enable specific features of a service for provisioned users.
web service
An MSI file that, when installed, integrates service-specific functions into the Services Manager control panel. Web services are installed using the Services Manager Setup Tool or by executing the MSI file from the command line of the server hosting the service.