Product Documentation


Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2014-08-13

The ShareFile service for Services Manager enables service providers and resellers to manage ShareFile accounts through the Services Manager control panel. Customer administrators can also manage user accounts and ShareFile folder permissions.

Supported versions

The ShareFile service is supported on CloudPortal Services Manager 11.0.1.

To upgrade your Services Manager deployment from Version 11.0 to Version 11.0.1, see CTX138867, "Upgrading CloudPortal Services Manager 11.0 to Version 11.0.1," in the Citrix Knowledge Center.

Support for ShareFile user types

The ShareFile service supports only Employee user accounts. You can create Client user accounts at

Support for ShareFile plans

The ShareFile service supports only the Enterprise customer plan. The service does not support the creation of additional customer or user plans.

Reporting requirements for ShareFile

Important: To ensure usage of the ShareFile service is correctly reported on the distributor report included in Services Manager, apply the fix as described in the Knowledge Center article CTX139274, "CloudPortal Services Manager Distributor Report Incorrectly Reporting Usage," to your Services Manager deployment. This fix is required prior to deploying the ShareFile service.

Requirements for using the service

  • Customers must have a Citrix ShareFile account. If the customer does not have an account, create one at before provisioning the service.
  • Customers' users must have working primary email addresses specified in Services Manager so they can receive ShareFile account activation emails upon service provisioning.

Service deployment overview

Deploying the ShareFile service includes the following tasks:
  • Import the ShareFile service package to the Services Manager control panel.
  • Configure the service using the control panel.
  • Create a scheduled task that synchronizes Employee user accounts between Services Manager and Citrix ShareFile.
  • Provision the service to resellers.
  • Provision the service to customers.