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View and filter provisioning requests

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-02-11

Services Manager enables administrators to review the current status of provisioning requests after they have been submitted to the provisioning engine.

Administrators can view these requests through the Services Manager system or with an RSS feed. Administrators can also search for a specific request.

Using the Services Manager control panel, administrators can view the following information:
  • The type of provisioning request (e.g., Bulk Request, Object Provision, Object Deprovision, etc.)
  • The service and customer for whom the request is created
  • The date on which the request is executed
  • The subrequests that are executed as part of the provisioning request and their transaction logs

If all subrequests in a provisioning request execute successfully, the request displays a green status indicator. If some subrequests do not execute successfully, the request displays a yellow triangle status indicator which, later, changes to a red status indicator.

To view provisioning information through the Services Manager system

  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Configuration > Provisioning & Debug Tools > Provisioning Requests.
  2. To view the transaction logs and subtasks executed in a provisioning request, click the Request Type entry and then expand the Request Logs or Sub-Requests nodes.

To view provisioning errors with RSS

The Services Manager RSS feed enables administrators to receive notifications whenever a provisioning error occurs. Because the RSS feed is secured using Windows authentication, an RSS reader that supports digest authentication is required. You can change the authentication method through IIS, if necessary.

The URL for the RSS feed is http://YourHostHeaderName/cortexdotnet/Rss/CortexProvisioningErrorsRss.aspx.

To search for a specific provisioning request

  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Configuration > Provisioning & Debug Tools > Provisioning Requests.
  2. Under Request Filter, use the following filters to refine the list of provisioning requests:
    • Type displays requests of a specific type such as Object Provision.
    • My Requests and All Requests displays requests that you have created or all requests in the system.
    • Request Status displays requests of a particular status that have been recorded during the life of the system. For example, using this filter to find requests with the Provisioned status displays requests with a green status indicator in the Status column.
    • Object Status displays requests where the current status of subrequests matches the status selected.
      Note: Using this filter to find subrequests with the Provisioned status might display some failed provisioning requests in filtered results. However, the subrequest itself is not necessarily in a failed state. For example, a provisioning request to move a customer's user from one Hosted Exchange package to another might fail because the Services Manager system cannot find the mail store for the new package. Although the provisioning request failed, the user is still attached to the current package.