Product Documentation

Re-configure AD Sync for Customer Changes

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-04-30
The following events at a customer site require changes to AD Sync service configuration:
  • A change has been made to the administrator account for the external domain controllers
  • A new contact has been added to or removed from a group that is included in AD Sync operations

To re-configure for a new administrator

If the administrator who installed the AD Sync client is no longer available, the new administrator must uninstall the AD Sync client from all external domain controllers, re-install the client (which will be associated with the new administrator's account), and restart the domain controllers. The AD Sync service then restarts using the new administrator's account and synchronize all users on the remote Active Directory domains to Services Manager.

To force synchronization of changes to contacts in Active Directory groups

When a contact is added to or removed from an Active Directory group, the change is not automatically synchronized with the AD Sync client. To force a synchronization, change a property in the contact. AD Sync detects the change and updates the include group in Services Manager.

Note: If the contact is a member of a distribution group that is being synchronized, you do not need to force a synchronization. When the AD Sync client synchronizes the distribution group, the contact will be synchronized as well.