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To create DNS templates

Jun 05, 2015

DNS templates define the DNS records that are created when a customer domain is added or a service is provisioned to the customer's account.

Templates can be created at any level in the customer hierarchy. Templates can also be overridden. For example, a Service Provider has five domain templates configured. For Reseller A, two new templates are created at the reseller level. When Reseller A provisions a customer, the Service Provider templates will be ignored and the two reseller templates will be configured for the customer.

If you delete a DNS template, the template is not used for new domains or services that are provisioned to a customer. However, existing customers' DNS records that were generated with the template are not removed. You can remove these records manually through the DNS Records menu item.

By default, only the Service Provider Administrator role has permission to manage DNS templates. To enable this permission for other security roles, click Security > Security Roles from the Services Manager menu bar and then select a security role. Ensure the security role is a member of the DNS Service Administrator role group. The DNS Templates permission is located on the Menus tab, under Services > DNS

  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Services > DNS > DNS Templates. The DNS Overview page displays all the templates that have been created for the selected customer.
  2. Under DNS Management, click New DNS Template.
  3. In Template Service, select the service for which the template is being configured. When the service is provisioned to the customer, the DNS template is created. Leave this field blank if the template is created when a domain is added to the customer.
  4. In Record Type, select a record type and configure the options that are created when the DNS record is created. A default {Domain} value is displayed for all DNS templates. This value refers to the customer's domain.
  5. Click Save to create the template. The new template appears in the DNS template table.