Product Documentation

Provision the File Sharing service

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-02-05

To provision file sharing to resellers

  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Customers and select the reseller for whom you want to provision services.
  2. Select Services. The Customer Services page appears.
  3. From the services list, select Reseller.
  4. Select the File Sharing service check box and then click the File Sharing service name. The Reseller Service Setup page appears.
  5. In the User Plan table, enable any of the following service access levels:
    • Full allows users to read, modify, and delete files.
    • Read includes List permissions and allows users to traverse folders and run program files.
    • List allows users to view file and subfolder names, read data in the files, and to view file and folder attributes, including extended attributes.
  6. In the Customer Plan table, enable the plans that the reseller can offer to customers.
  7. Under Resource Configuration, in Disk Limit, enter the maximum amount of storage in megabytes (MB) to allocate to the reseller.
  8. Click Apply Changes to save your selections.
  9. Click Provision to enable the reseller to offer the service to customers.

To provision file sharing to customers

  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Customers > Customer Services.
  2. In Customer Search, find the customer for whom you want to provision File Sharing services.
  3. In the services list, select File Sharing. The Service Plan Configuration page appears.
  4. In Customer Plan, select the plan with which to provision the customer. To customize the plan, click Edit.
  5. In File Share Server, select the server hosting the customer's file share directory.
    Note: This field appears when the selected customer plan does not have the Automatic Server Selection property enabled and has more than one server configured. If the selected package has this property enabled, this field does not appear and a file server is chosen automatically when the File Sharing service is provisioned to the customer.
  6. To customize the storage limit for the customer, under Resource Configuration, clear the Auto select package resource limits check box and, in Disk Limit, enter a new value.
  7. Click Advanced Settings and perform the following actions:
    1. Under User Plans, select the check box for each service access level to which the customer can assign users.
    2. To limit the number of users the customer can provision, under Maximum Users, select the Enabled check box and enter the number of users allowed.
    3. To ensure the service generates charges to the customer when provisioned, under Billing, ensure the Enabled check box is selected.
  8. Click Provision to save your selections and provision the service to the customer.