Product Documentation


Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2014-08-13

With the ShareFile service, you can manage customers' ShareFile accounts through the Services Manager control panel.

Features of the ShareFile service

With the ShareFile service, you can perform the following tasks from within the Services Manager control panel:
  • Onboard customers using their existing ShareFile Enterprise account
  • Provision and deprovision Employee user accounts directly to ShareFile
  • Create, modify, and delete folders
  • Configure folder permissions
  • Grant users access to specific folders, either individually or using groups
  • Configure users' permissions for specific folders
  • Create, modify, and delete distribution groups
  • Maintain accurate billing data by synchronizing Services Manager customers and users with ShareFile

How do I deploy the ShareFile service?

Before you deploy the ShareFile service, review the deployment requirements in Plan to deploy the ShareFile service.

After deploying the ShareFile service, use the following topics to manage folders and maintain and view billing information: