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To add default documents to a web site

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-02-25

In IIS, default documents are files that are automatically served when a user accesses the customer's web site but does not request a specific file. A default document might be the customer's home page or a file list (if directory browsing is enabled).

When a customer is provisioned with an instance of Windows Web Hosting, the following default documents are created in the web site's root directory:
  • Index.htm
  • Index.html (IIS 7 only)
  • Index.cfm (IIS 7 only)
  • Default.asp
  • Default.aspx (IIS 7 only)
  • Default.htm
  • iisstart.htm (IIS 7 only)
Note: Index.php is created only when the Web Hosting instance is configured with PHP Framework settings.

The default documents that are created in the web site root directory are automatically passed to any subdirectories that are created.

Default documents can be modified at the root web site level or at the subdirectory level. If a document is added at the root level, it is applied to all subdirectories.

  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Services > Windows Web Hosting > IIS Site Manager. The IIS Site Manager displays the customer's available web sites.
  2. From the Site drop-down box, select the Web site for which you want to create the subdirectory. The site's folder structure appears in the Web Site pane.
  3. In the Web Site pane, click the folder where you want to add the new default document.
  4. On the Settings tab, under Default Documents, enter the new document name in the text box.
    Note: The document names in this box appear in ranked order. If you want the new document to be the first one IIS serves to users, place it at the top of the list.