Product Documentation

To provision Windows Web Hosting services to resellers

Jun 05, 2015
  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Customers and select the reseller for whom you want to provision services.
  2. Select Services. The Customer Services page appears.
  3. From the services list, select Reseller.
  4. Select the Windows Web-Hosting service check box and then click the Windows Web-Hosting service name. The Reseller Service Setup page appears.
  5. Enable the Web servers and resources the reseller can offer to customers.
  6. From the Customer Plans table, select the plans the reseller can offer to customers.
  7. Under Resource Configuration, to customize the resource limits for the Web site storage, clear the Auto select package resource limits check box and make the appropriate changes.
  8. Click Apply Changes to save your selections.
  9. Click Provision to enable the reseller to offer Web hosting services to customers.