Product Documentation

To provision the Virtual Machine service to customers

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-02-25
  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Customers > Customer Services.
  2. In Customer Search, find the customer for whom you want to provision the Virtual Machine service.
  3. In the services list, click Virtual Machine. The Service Plan Configuration page appears.
  4. In Customer Plan, select the plan you want to assign to the customer.
    Note: The customer plan defines the properties of all virtual machines that are created, including CPU, memory, and the total number of virtual machines that can be created.
  5. In Management Server, select the SCVMM server to use for handling customer requests generated through Services Manager.
    Note: When the service is provisioned to the customer, this setting cannot be changed. To update the server, deprovision the service for the customer and ensure the virtual machines are recreated on the new SCVMM server.
  6. Under Virtual Resources, perform the following actions:
    1. Expand the Hosts & Networks node and select the server you want to host the virtual machines and the network under each host.
    2. Expand the Machine Templates node and select the templates the customer administrator can use to create virtual machines.
    3. Expand the Guest OS Profiles node and select the operating systems the customer administrator can assign to the machine templates.
    4. Expand the DVD Images node and select the images the customer administrator can mount on virtual machines.
    5. Expand the CPU Types node and select the CPUs the customer administrator can use for virtual machines.
  7. Under Networking, expand the node for the type of VLAN you want to assign and select the VLAN to assign as the customer's virtual environment.
  8. Under Resource Configuration, to customize the settings assigned by the package template you selected in Step 4, clear the Auto select package resource limits check box and make the appropriate changes.
  9. Click Advanced Settings and perform the following actions:
    1. In Maximum Users, select the Enable check box and enter the total number of users the customer can provision.
    2. In Billing, ensure the Enabled check box is selected so the service generates charges to the customer.
  10. Click Provision to enable the customer to create virtual machines.