Product Documentation

System Requirements for CloudPortal Services Manager

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-02-20

Deploying Services Manager includes installing the platform components (server roles), configuring firewall ports for each component, and installing the web services.

For system and firewall requirements for platform components, refer to the following topics:

For each requirement, the minimum version required is stated, as well as any later versions that are supported.

For requirements for specific services, refer to the topics in the Plan for deploying services section. This section contains topics for each service that Services Manager supports and includes additional planning information such as:
  • Service deployment overviews
  • Changes that occur in Active Directory when the service is deployed
  • Additional configuration details for specific deployment scenarios

For system requirements information for resource components such as Exchange servers, SharePoint farms, and so on, refer to the component's product documentation.

Important: Before using Services Manager, check for and install any available security updates for the components you want to deploy.