Product Documentation

Fixed issues

Mar 28, 2017

The following issues have been resolved at this release of AppDNA: 

  • AppDNA database upgrade from command line fails during database log on step. (AppDNA-259)
  • Forward Path reports give an error when attributes have a space in the name. (AppDNA-515)
  • "Unable to generate your report" message appears on opening the report from Analysis Progress window. (AppDNA-830)
  • Journal is created for first application in the list independently of the application selection. (AppDNA-835)
  • Filtering by application is not working in the Journals manager screen. (AppDNA-836)
  • External data is not showing on the Journals manager screen. (AppDNA-837)
  • In the App-V Sequencing solution, only the added application's package was created; it's dependency is not sequenced. (AppDNA-256)
  • Exported PDF report for Windows 10 App Issues report contains references to Windows 8/8.1. (AppDNA-821)
  • "InvalidCastException" displays when attempting to view report from Groups screen. (AppDNA-865)
  • Improvements have been made to application loading and caching on start up to improve the performance in larger application portfolios.