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Deploying in the Secure Network

Jan 14, 2014

You can install NetScaler Gateway in the secure network. In this scenario, one firewall stands between the Internet and the secure network. NetScaler Gateway resides inside the firewall to control access to the network resources.

Figure 1. NetScaler Gateway deployed in the secure network
Deploy NetScaler Gateway in Secure Network

When you deploy NetScaler Gateway in the secure network, connect one interface on NetScaler Gateway to the Internet and the other interface to servers running in the secure network. Putting NetScaler Gateway in the secure network provides access for local and remote users. Because this configuration only has one firewall, however, makes the deployment less secure for users connecting from a remote location. Although NetScaler Gateway intercepts traffic from the Internet, the traffic enters the secure network before users are authenticated. When NetScaler Gateway is deployed in a DMZ, users are authenticated before network traffic reaches the secure network.

When NetScaler Gateway is deployed in the secure network, NetScaler Gateway Plug-in connections must traverse the firewall to connect to NetScaler Gateway. By default, user connections use the SSL protocol on port 443 to establish this connection. To support this connectivity, you must open port 443 on the firewall.