Product Documentation

Configuring Settings for Your XenMobile Environment

Mar 07, 2014

You can use the integrated XenMobile configuration wizard to configure settings that enable NetScaler load balancing virtual servers for your XenMobile environment.

You can use the XenMobile links to configure the following NetScaler deployment scenarios:

  • Load balance Device Manager servers. In this scenario, the NetScaler appliance resides in the DMZ between the user device and the Device Manager servers to load balance encrypted data from mobile devices to the Device Manager servers.
  • Load balance Microsoft Exchange servers with email filtering. In this scenario, the NetScaler appliance sits between the user device and the XenMobile NetScaler Connector (XNC) and the Microsoft Exchange CAS servers. All requests from user devices go to the NetScaler Gateway appliance, which then communicates with the XNC to retrieve information about the device. Based on the response from the XNC, the NetScaler appliance either forwards the request from a whitelisted device to the server in the internal network, or drops the connection from a blacklisted device.
  • Load balance ShareFile. This scenario prompts you for basic information about your StorageZones Controller environment and then generates a configuration that does the following:
    • Load balances traffic across StorageZones Controllers.
    • Provides user authentication for StorageZones Connectors.
    • Validates URI signatures for ShareFile uploads and downloads.
    • Terminates SSL connections at the NetScaler appliance.

    For more information about configuring ShareFile, see Configure NetScaler for StorageZones Controller.

In addition to the preceding configurations for XenMobile, you need to install licenses to enable the following NetScaler features:

  • XenMobile MDM load balancing requires a NetScaler standard license.
  • ShareFile load balancing with StorageZones requires a NetScaler standard license.
  • Exchange load balancing requires a NetScaler Platinum license or a NetScaler Enterprise license with an Integrated Caching license added on.