Product Documentation

How User Connections Work with Worx Apps

Jan 31, 2014

NetScaler Gateway supports Worx Home, WorxMail, and WorxWeb. Users can connect through NetScaler Gateway from Android and iOS mobile devices. The tunnel type is called Micro VPN.

To allow connections from an iOS-based device, you must enable Secure Browse in a session profile to allow connections through NetScaler Gateway. When users log on through Worx Home to NetScaler Gateway, the connection works the same as if users log on with the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in only.

Users can also establish a Micro VPN tunnel from Android devices with WorxHome. When users connect, the Android app uses the Micro VPN to tunnel the connection through NetScaler Gateway. You do not need to configure Micro VPN settings on NetScaler Gateway for Android devices. When users log on, their mobile applications including WorxMail and WorxWeb, appear in the Worx Home window.