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Configuring User Name Tokens in Bookmarks

Mar 18, 2014
You can configure bookmark and file share URLs using a special token, %username%. When users log on, the token is replaced with each users' logon name. For example, you create a bookmark for an employee named Jack for a folder as \\EmployeeServer\%username%\. When Jack logs on, the file share URL is mapped to \\EmployeeServer\Jack\. When you configure user name tokens in bookmarks, keep the following situations in mind:
  • If you are using one authentication type, the user name replaces the token %username%.
  • If you are using two-factor authentication, the user name from the primary authentication type is used to replace the %username% token.
  • If you are using client certificate authentication, the user name field in the client certificate authentication profile is used to replace the %username% token.