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Setting a SharePoint Site as the Home Page

Feb 05, 2014
If you want to set a SharePoint site as the users' home page, configure a session profile and enter the host name of the SharePoint site.

To configure a SharePoint site as the home page

  1. In the configuration utility, on the Configuration tab, in the navigation pane, expand NetScaler Gateway > Policies and then click Session.
  2. In the details pane, click Add.
  3. In Name, type a name for the policy.
  4. Next to Request Profile, click New.
  5. In Name, type a name for the profile.
  6. On the Client Experience tab, next to Home Page click Override Global and then type the name of the SharePoint site.
  7. Next to Clientless Access, click Override Global, select On and then click Create.
  8. In the Create Session Policy dialog box, next to Named Expressions, select General, select True value, click Add Expression, click Create and then click Close.

After completing the session policy, bind it to users, groups, virtual servers, or globally. When users log on, they see the SharePoint Web site as their home page.