Product Documentation

Adding Apps

Oct 20, 2015

App Controller supports multiple application types, including:

  • Mobile and MDX
  • Web and SaaS
  • Enterprise
  • Public App Store
  • Web Links
  • Worx App Gallery

You can also add free or paid apps that are available in a public app store for download to App Controller for management.

How Mobile and MDX Apps Work

App Controller supports iOS and Android apps, including Worx apps, such as Worx Home, WorxMail, and WorxWeb, and the use of MDX policies. You can upload mobile apps to App Controller and then deliver the apps to user devices. In addition to the Worx apps, you can add the following types of mobile apps to App Controller:

  • Apps you develop for your users.
  • Apps in which you want to allow or restrict device features by using MDX policies.

Citrix provides the MDX Toolkit that wraps mobile apps for iOS or Android with Citrix logic and policies. The tool can securely wrap an app that was created within your organization or a mobile app made outside the company.

The section on mobile and MDX apps includes details on how to:

  • Upload Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Configure settings for iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Configure MDX policies for iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Configure encryption policies for MDX apps.
  • Upgrade a mobile app in App Controller.
  • Retrieve mobile app names and descriptions.
  • Configure Worx authentication settings by using a personal identification number (PIN).
  • Configure GoToAssist settings for Worx apps.
  • Configure Google Play settings.
  • Add your own logo on devices.

How Web and SaaS Apps Work

App Controller comes with a set of application connectors, which are templates that you can configure for single sign-on (SSO) to web and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, and in some cases for user account creation and management as well. App Controller includes Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) connectors and HTTP Federated Formfill connectors. SAML connectors are used for web applications that support the SAML protocol for SSO and user account management. App Controller supports SAML 1.1 and SAML 2.0. When users log on to a Formfill application, their credentials are automatically entered on the application’s logon page.

You can also build your own enterprise, SAML, and HTTP Federated Formfill application connectors in App Controller. For details, see Enterprise Apps.

This section on Web and SaaS apps includes the following information:
  • List of all application connectors indicating the type (SAML or HTTP Federated Formfill)
  • Steps to configure SSO by using application connectors
  • List of application connectors that require you to configure additional parameters
  • Steps for building your own SAML or HTTP Federated Formfill connectors
  • Steps for creating and managing user accounts for applications and configuring workflow settings
  • Steps for configuring connectors to enable users to change an application password in their HTTP Federated Formfill apps or to recover their passwords.

How Enterprise Apps Work

You can create your own application connector in App Controller. This type of application typically resides in your internal network. Users can connect to the apps by using Worx Home. When you add an enterprise app, you create the application and the Formfill connector at the same time.

How the Public App Store Works

You can configure settings to retrieve mobile app names and descriptions from the Apple App Store and Google Play. When you retrieve the app information from the store, App Controller overwrites the existing name and description.

How Web Links Work

A Web link is a web address to an Internet or intranet site. A web link can also point to a web application that doesn't require single sign-on (SSO).

You can configure web links from the Apps & Docs tab in App Controller. When you finish configuring the web link, the link appears as an icon in the store in App Controller. When users log on with Worx Home, the link appears with the list of available apps and desktops.

How the Worx App Gallery Works

The Worx App Gallery allows you to certify and publish your mobile apps for use in XenMobile. You can wraps apps by using the MDX Toolkit and the Worx App SDK. The Worx App Gallery eliminates the need for you to go through the time-consuming effort of procuring and verifying mobile apps. All Worx-enabled mobile apps are enterprise-ready with security, policy, and provisioning controlled by XenMobile. When your app is verified, it appears in the Worx App Gallery on Other administrators can download your apps from the gallery and then upload the app to App Controller. When users log on to Worx Home, they can download and install the apps on their device.