Product Documentation

Mobile and MDX Apps

Oct 20, 2015

App Controller supports iOS and Android apps, including Worx apps, such as WorxMail and WorxWeb, and the use of MDX policies. In addition to the Worx apps, you can add the following types of mobile apps to App Controller:

  • Apps you develop for your users
  • Apps in which you want to allow or restrict device features by using MDX policies

You can wrap mobile apps with the MDX Toolkit and then upload the apps to App Controller. When you upload the app, you can configure the following settings:

  • Details of the app, including version and URL
  • Approval workflow for the app
  • Approvers for the app if you create a workflow
  • MDX policies

You can add native apps to App Controller for Android and iOS. Native apps as opposed to web apps, are apps that are locally installed and are programmed to be compatible with the language and operating system of the user device on which the app is installed.

You use the Citrix MDX Toolkit to create MDX mobile apps. The MDX Toolkit inserts logic and policies into each mobile app. When you upload a mobile app to XenMobile App Edition, the app is validated during installation. You can upload mobile apps that have the extension .mdx.

When the installation is complete, you can then configure specific application details and policy settings in the App Controller management console. Receiver enforces the policies that the MDX Toolkit configured and that you set in App Controller. You can run the MDX Toolkit on Mac OS X Version 10.7 (Lion) and Version 10.8 (Mountain Lion) only.

You configure application details and policy settings in the management console from the Apps & Docs tab.

After you configure the app details and policy settings, the mobile app appears on the Apps & Docs page in the Android or iOS tabs in the left pane. The mobile apps also appear in All Apps in the left pane. The apps are then available for authorized users to download and install on their device.