Product Documentation

Integrating the Worx SDK into iOS Mobile Apps

Oct 20, 2015

The MDX Toolkit supports Apple App Store deployment by including the Worx SDK. When you install the MDX Toolkit, the Worx framework files also install and appear in the MDX SDK folders on your computer in the tool and data directories. The MDX SDK folders are required for the integration of wrapped iOS mobile apps with Citrix Worx. For example, third-party Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can use the MDX Toolkit to enable their apps with Worx capabilities and deploy them directly from the Apple App Store. They can publish iOS apps that include the Worx framework in the Apple App Store and the Citrix App Gallery. After users install these apps on their devices, IT administrators can manage the apps in XenMobile App Edition.

When you send the files that include the Worx SDK to Citrix for approval, you can then upload the app to the Apple App store and send the URL to Citrix. The app is updated with the final app URL and is added to the app catalog hosted by the Citrix App Gallery.

Worx SDK Dual-Mode App Behavior

When you run the MDX Toolkit, the inclusion of the Worx SDK allows for the choice of the following two modes:

  • Unmanaged mode. Apps that are integrated with Worx SDK can run independently of Worx. Apps that are not associated with a XenMobile store are considered to be running in unmanaged mode. These apps can transition to managed mode when certain conditions are met.
  • Managed mode. Apps that are integrated with the Worx SDK with can run in managed mode when they are bound to the Worx Store. When the apps are in managed mode, the MDX policies set by the IT administrator for the apps are enforced. An app can transition from unmanaged to managed mode, as described in the following section.

Third-party developers can either develop two versions of an app, one that is unmanaged and one that is managed, or they can develop a single app for both independent use and for inclusion in Worx.

Transitioning an App from Unmanaged to Managed Mode

An app can silently transition to managed mode if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Worx Home is installed on the user device.
  • A user logs on to Worx Home at least one time and has permissions to install the app.
  • The user subscribes to the app.
Note: An app cannot transition from managed mode back to unmanaged mode.