Product Documentation

Gathering Information Before You Deploy XenMobile Components

Oct 20, 2015

Before you install XenMobile components in your network, you need the right prerequisites. These prerequisites include:

  • Network settings. These settings include IP addresses, ports, DNS, Network Time Protocol (NTP) and SMTP servers, and the IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of a load balancer.
  • Hardware and sizing requirements. These include Windows Servers, hypervisors, and NetScaler Gateway requirements. The NetScaler Gateway appliance you select (VPX, MDX, or SDX) determines the maximum number of user connections to your XenMobile deployment.
  • Certificates. These include server, root, intermediate, Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), and certificates for wrapping mobile apps with the MDX Toolkit.
  • Licenses. Licenses are required for XenMobile MDM Edition and NetScaler Gateway.
  • Active Directory settings. These settings are required for XenMobile MDM Edition and for XenMobile App Edition.
  • Authentication method Before deploying XenMobile components, it's important to decide on an authentication method. For example, you should decide if you are implementing the Worx PIN that you configure in App Controller. The Worx PIN caches Active Directory credentials and works with client certificate authentication. Authentication settings can enable LDAP, RADIUS, one-time passwords, client certificate authentication, and two-factor authentication. If users connect to internal web sites, you need to configure authentication for NetScaler Gateway and SharePoint to allow single sign-on (SSO) to work.
    Note: If you implement an authentication method for users and then change the method after users enroll, users will need to enroll again.
  • Load balancers. Load balancers manage connections to your XenMobile deployment. You might also need to plan for packet inspection appliances to monitor network traffic entering your internal network.
  • Email server and data synchronization settings These settings include Exchange Server and ActiveSync configurations for XenMobile MDM Edition and WorxMail.
  • Databases. These databases include either Microsoft SQL Server or Postgres for XenMobile MDM Edition. The Postgres database comes with XenMobile MDM Edition and installs when you install Device Manager.
    Note: Citrix recommends that you use Microsoft SQL Server. You should only use PostgreSQL in test deployments.