Product Documentation

To update a new version of a custom Android app

Oct 20, 2015

Before you can update a custom app to a new version, the app must meet the following requirements:

  • The new app package name must be the same as the previous version.
  • The app version number must be later than the previous version.
  • The app revision number must be higher than the previous version.
When a new version of a custom Android app (not available on Google Play) is available, you can update the app by adding the new .apk file to the Files tab. The next time the device connects to the server running Device Manager, the app will be updated to the new version.
Note: The app file name can be the same or different and doesn't affect the new version update.
  1. On the Files tab, select the Android app you want to update and then click Edit.
  2. To upload an Android application with a .apk extension, click Choose File and then browse for the app.
  3. Click Update.