Product Documentation

To create an HTC Exchange ActiveSync configuration for HTC devices

Oct 20, 2015

The HTC Exchange Active Sync configuration enables you to configure Microsoft Exchange email settings on HTC devices running Android. User devices require the XenMobile agent to receive the configuration. XenMobile supports HTC API version 0.5.0.

If you want to encrypt email attachments that pass through your Microsoft Exchange servers, Citrix recommends that you migrate your users to WorxMail and ShareFile rather than configuring email attachment encryption policies. For more information about WorxMail, see Using WorxMail.

  1. Using a web browser, navigate to http[s]://serveraddress[:port]/zdm, where serveraddress is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or IP address of the Device Manager server and port is the optional port number if you changed the default setting.
  2. Log on to the Device Manager web console using an account with administrative permissions.
  3. Click the Policies tab and then in the left pane under MDM Policies, click Android > Configurations.
  4. In the results pane, click New Configuration > HTC Exchange ActiveSync configuration.
  5. Give the configuration a name that helps you to identify it in the Device Manager web console and, optionally, include a comment describing the configuration. Enter a unique name for the configuration as you want it to appear on users' devices.
  6. Enter the host name or IP address of the Exchange server and specify the user name and password for the Exchange user account.
  7. Enter the domain in which the Exchange server resides and specify the full email address for the Exchange user account.

    You can use the system macros ${user.username} and ${user.mail} in the User ID and Email Address boxes to automatically look up users and their email accounts based on the format listed. For more information about macros, see Configuring Macros.

  8. If you want to secure connections between users' devices and the Exchange server, select the Use SSL check box.