Product Documentation

To configure WiFi settings for Android devices

Oct 20, 2015
You can use the WiFi configuration wizard in Device Manager to deploy WiFi configurations to users. The users will not be aware of details, such as the WEP encryption key. Fill in the required fields according to your configuration.
  1. On the Create a WiFi configuration page, in Configuration name, enter an name for the policy and then optionally enter a description.
  2. In Authentication, click one of the following options:
    • Open
    • Shared
    • WPA
    • WPA-PSK
    • WPA2
    • WPA2-PSK
    • 802.1x EAP (WPA Enterprise)

      For the 802.1x EAP configuration, you can specify user identity through the Device Manager macro named ${user.username} to auto-populate in the configuration. Citrix recommends that you leave the password field blank, so the device user can enter the WiFi password from their device.

  3. Click Create.