Product Documentation

Creating Device Manager Policies

Oct 20, 2015

You create and configure Device Manager policies on the Policies tab in the web console that you can push or make available to devices. You need to put the policies in a package for further deployment.

The way you configure the device policies depends on the device operating system. To create a policy, on the left-hand menu, select the desired configuration option for a given platform. Then, click New to create the new policies or configurations.

Scheduling Connections to Device Manager

Scheduling provides essential control over devices that are subject to compliance rules. The schedule feature directs the device to automatically connect to the server running Device Manager at predetermined intervals. During these connections, a policy audit automatically occurs and missing or modified policies are automatically reapplied. Additionally, scheduling ensures that Device Manager has the most up-to-date device information available.
Note: Flexible scheduling is available on Android and Windows Mobile devices only. iOS devices use a predetermined schedule defined by the iOS operating system.

The Scheduling Wizard is located in the Device Manager web console under the Policies tab. Scheduling provides Registry keys for managing scheduled connections between a device and the server. This is useful for devices that require the ability to connect back for data synchronization between a Line-of-Business, ERP, or CRM-type system.

To define an hourly range in the scheduling table, you can either click in a square or you can drag and drop with your mouse to define a range.