Product Documentation

To create an iOS AirPlay policy

Oct 20, 2015

The Apple AirPlay feature allows a user to wirelessly stream content from an iOS device to a TV screen through Apple TV, or mirror exactly what’s on a device display to a TV screen or another Mac computer.

With this iOS policy, you can select specific AirPlay devices (such as Apple TV or another Mac computer) to add to your user's devices. If the device you are deploying this policy to is supervised, you can also select the Whitelist option, which will only permit the device to connect to the AirPlay devices you specify.

  1. In the Device Manager web console, on the Policies tab under iOS, click Configurations.
  2. In the New Configuration menu, click Profiles and Settings > AirPlay Mirroring.
  3. In the Create an AirPlay Destination dialog box, enter a name and description for the policy.
  4. Select the AirPlay Destinations tab, click New AirPlay Destinations.
  5. In the Create an AirPlay Destination dialog box, enter the AirPlay device name and password. Click Create.
  6. Click Create again to create the policy.