Product Documentation

To create an iOS Access Point Network (APN) profile

Oct 20, 2015
  1. In the Device Manager web console, on the Policies tab, under iOS, click Configurations.
  2. In the New Configuration menu, click Profiles and Settings > APN.
  3. In the APN Configuration Creation dialog box, enter the policy identifier (name), display name, company name, and an optional comment.
  4. Click the LDAP tab and then enter the following information:
    1. Access Point Name. Enter the name of the access point.
    2. Username. This string specifies the user name for this APN. If the user name is missing, the device prompts for the string during profile installation.
    3. Password. The password for the user for this APN. For obfuscation purposes, the password is encoded. If it is missing from the payload, the device prompts for the password during profile installation.
    4. Server proxy address. The IP address or URL of the APN proxy.
    5. Server proxy port. The port number for the APN proxy.
  5. Click Create.