Product Documentation

Managing Samsung Configurations

Oct 20, 2015

XenMobile supports and extends both Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) and Samsung KNOX policies. SAFE is a family of solutions that provides security and feature enhancements for business use through integration with mobile device management solutions. Samsung KNOX is a solution within the SAFE program that provides a more secure Android platform for enterprise use.

You must enable the SAFE APIs by deploying the built-in Samsung Enterprise License Management (ELM) key to a device before you can deploy SAFE policies and restrictions. To enable the Samsung KNOX API, you also need to purchase a Samsung KNOX license using the Samsung KNOX License Management System (KLMS) in addition to deploying the Samsung ELM key. The Samsung KLMS provisions valid licenses to mobile device management solutions to enable them to activate Samsung KNOX APIs on mobile devices. These licenses must be obtained from Samsung and are not provided by Citrix.

You must deploy Worx Home, along with the Samsung ELM key to enable the SAFE and Samsung KNOX APIs. You can verify that the SAFE APIs are enabled by checking the device properties. When the Samsung ELM key is deployed, the Samsung MDM API available setting has a value of True.

If you upgraded from a previous version of XenMobile, you must manually create the configuration to generate the Samsung ELM key.

To create a Samsung MDM license key configuration

  1. Using a web browser, navigate to http[s]://serveraddress[:port]/zdm, where serveraddress is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or IP address of your Device Manager server and port is the optional port number if you changed the default setting.
  2. Log on to the Device Manager web console using an account with administrative permissions.
  3. Click the Policies tab and then in the left pane under MDM Policies, click Android > Configurations.
  4. In the results pane, click New Configuration > Samsung > MDM License Key.
  5. Give the license key configuration a name that will help you to identify it and, optionally, a description.
  6. In the MDM license key box, enter the following macro to generate the Samsung ELM key.