Product Documentation

To create a Samsung KNOX Remote Support policy

Oct 20, 2015
You can create a Samsung KNOX remote support policy if you have purchased and install the XenMobile MDM Remote Support product. You will need to perform the following setup in order to enable remote support for Samsung KNOX devices:
There are two kinds of remote support you can enable for a Samsung KNOX device:
  • Basic Support. This allows you to view diagnostic information about the device, such as system information, processes that are running, task manager (memory and CPU usage), installed software folder contents, and so on.
  • Advanced Support. This option allows you remote control over the device’s screen, including control with colors - in either the main window, or in a separate, floating window - establishment of a Voice-over-IP session (VoIP) between the helpdesk and the user, configuration of settings, and establishment of a chat session between the helpdesk and the user.
  1. In the Device Manager web console, click the Policies tab.
  2. Select Android > Configurations and then click New Configuration > Samsung > Premium Remote Support Configuration.
  3. In the New Samsung Premium Remote Support configuration dialog box, enter a name for the policy.
  4. Select either Basic Support or Advanced Support.
  5. Click Create.