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To create a Samsung Kiosk policy

Oct 20, 2015
The Samsung Kiosk policy allows you to specify that only a specific app or apps can be used on an Android device. This policy is useful for corporate devices that are designed to only run a specific type or class of apps. This policy also allows you to choose the device wallpaper and home screen to be shown when the device is in Kiosk mode.
Note: For Kiosk mode to work, the apps you choose to enable in Kiosk mode must already be installed on the device.
  1. In the Device Manager web console, select the Policies tab.
  2. Under Android, click Configurations and then click New Configuration > Samsung > Kiosk.
  3. In the New Samsung Kiosk configuration dialog box, General tab, enter a name and description for the configuration.
  4. Select Enable under Kiosk Mode, which activates Kiosk mode on the device.
  5. If you want to use a custom launcher to enable to user to launch the Kiosk app or apps, enter the full name of the launcher application package next to Launcher Package. Unless you have developed your own, in-house launcher, Citrix recommends you leave this field blank.
  6. Enter an optional emergency phone number, which can be used if someone finds the device after it has been lost, for example.
  7. You can also choose to allow (checked) or disallow (cleared) the following IU features to be viewable and accessible by the device user when the device is in Kiosk mode:
    1. Allow navigation bar
    2. Allow Status Bar
    3. Allow system bar
    4. Allow task manager
  8. If you have set a general passode policy across all Samsung SAFE devices, enter that password in the common SAFE passcode field. For more information, see Configuring Policies for Samsung SAFE Devices.
  9. Click the Wallpapers tab and then choose to use a custom image for the desktop and lock screen.
  10. Click the Applications tab. To add an app to the Kiosk mode, click New application.
  11. In the New application to add dialog box, enter the full name of the application (such as, or select an app from the drop-down list. Note that for Kiosk mode to work, the app must be installed on the device.
  12. Click Create and then click Create again to create the policy. The policy is ready to be deployed to your managed Samsung devices.