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Configuring Tenant Servers for the Multi-Tenant Console Deployment

Feb 24, 2013

A tenant is the name for an instance of XenMobile Device Manager that is running on a server. To deploy one or more tenants from Multi-Tenant Console, you need to prepare the servers that are running the tenants. On each server, do the following:

  • Install Apache Tomcat (version 6.0.16) from the Multi-Tenant Console installer by running Device Manager for Multi-Tenant-x.y.z.exe.
  • Run Tomcat as a Windows service.
  • Increase the size of PermGen space for Tomcat (for example -XX:MaxPermSize=128m or 256m if -Xmx is equal to 512m). To do so, click Start, click Programs > XenMobile > XenMobile Device Manager for Multi-Tenant, click Edit service and then on the Java tab, adapt the MaxPermSize parameter.
    Note: Depending on the number of tenants on a running a Tomcat instance, you will have to adapt the MaxPermSize parameter. Add 50 MB to the preceding number each time a new tenant is added.
  • If the server is a remote one, i.e. not the same physical server as the one running Multi-Tenant Console, you also need to do the following:

During the installation process, you can also install a local PostgreSQL database. For details, see To configure an R-DBMS for Multi-Tenant Console.

If you choose PostgreSQL, MySQL or a SQL Server database, Multi-Tenant Console will create the database for each tenant and the required tables. It will create also a database user for each database with all the necessary privileges (CREATE TABLE, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE…).

To perform a Multi-Tenant Console Hot Deployment

The Multi-Tenant Console Hot Deployment allows you to upgrade a Device Manager tenant without affecting the service of other tenants that may reside on the same tenant host. This topic discusses how to set up your Tomcat environment so you can upgrade each tenant without affecting or shutting down the other hosted Device Manager tenants.

Before you follow the procedure, keep in mind the following considerations:

  • If you do not have PsTools installed on your tenant host server, make sure you create a folder named C:\Pstools and that you add the folder path to the %PATH% environment variable. For details, seeInstalling PsTools from Microsoft for Multi-Tenant Console .
  • A Multi-Tenant Console Hot Deployment only works with Tomcat version 6.0.33. If you are upgrading a tenant that precedes Version 6.5 of Device Manager or was upgraded to Device Manager Version 6.5, you will need to upgrade the Tomcat software to version 6.0.33. To upgrade Tomcat to version 6.0.33, uninstall the old version completely and then reinstall the 6.0.33 version before you perform a Multi-Tenant Console Hot Deployment.
    Note: If you are upgrading from a new installation of Device Manager 6.5, your version of Tomcat is correct and you can skip the Tomcat upgrade task. Tomcat version 6.0.33 is available on a new installation of Device Manager for Multi-Tenant-6.5 and later.
  1. On the server that is running the Tomcat server, stop the Tomcat service.
  2. From the command prompt, go to the following lib folder in the Tomcat installation directory on the tenant host:​ C:\Program Files\.....\zenprise\...tomcat\lib
  3. From the tenant host where you are running Multi-Tenant Console, copy the catalina.jar from the ZDM MTC 6.6 distribution (zdm_mtc/web-app/WEB-INF/ew/tomcat-patch/v6_0_33) and paste the .jar to the (Missing file: File:C:/Users/c:/program)C:\Program Files\.....\zenprise\...tomcat\lib directory on the tenant host server.
  4. On the MTC console server, from the zdm_mtc/HotDeployment directory copy the following two files and paste the files in C:\Pstools folder on the tenant host:
    • DynamicConnector.bat
    • DynamicConnector.jar
  5. On the tenant host where you have Tomcat installed, open the ‘tomcat\conf\server.xml’ file and make sure following key pairs are all set to true (if these key pairs are do not exist, then add them to the file):
    • unpackWARs="true"
    • autoDeploy="true"
    • liveDeploy="true”
  6. Open the tenant server Tomcat bin folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenprise\Zenprise Device Manager for Multi-Tenant\tomcat\bin) and run following command to enable Java Management Extensions (JMX): tomcat6.exe //US//ZDMTomcat6 --JvmMs=1208 --JvmMx=1208 --JvmOptions "-XX:MaxPermSize=512m;;;;"
  7. On the server that is running your Tomcat server, start the Tomcat service.
  8. On the server that is running Multi-Tenant Console, open the zdm_mtc.bat file in a text editor and set the following variable to 1: set HOT_DEPLOYMENT=1