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To install Multi-Tenant Console

Feb 12, 2013
  1. To install XenMobile Multi-Tenant Console, unzip the (packaged with Multi-Tenant Console setup) to a zdm_mtc directory.
  2. Double-click the Multi-Tenant-xxxxx.exe and then follow the steps in the wizard.
    Note: Within the wizard, on the Choose Components page, if you want to use SQL Server, clear the Database server check box.

Upgrading Multi-Tenant Console to Version 8.5

If you are upgrading the Multi-Tenant Console (MTC) to version 8.5, you will need to install Java JDK version 7, upgrade the version of Device Manager for Multi-Tenant on the server host (Tomcat version 7) and then you will need to upgrade the MTC to version 8.5. Once you have performed those tasks, then you can upgrade your tenants (a 'tenant' is an instance of Device Manager managed by MTC). For instructions on how to upgrade Device Manager hosts to version 8.5, see Upgrading Device Manager to 8.5.

Note: If you upgrade your Multi-Tenant Console to 8.5 ( and Multi-Tenant host to version 8.5 (XenMobile Device Manager for Multi-Tenant-8.5.0.xxxxx.exe), then any tenant also needs to be upgraded to version 8.5, or they will not be manageable with the Multi-Tenant Console version 8.5..

Before you upgrade, note the following:

  • If you are running a single server configuration, for example, the MTC, Tomcat and Java all on one server, then upgrading these components will mean that ALL tenants will have to be upgraded to version 8.5. You cannot run lesser version tenants on Tomcat 7.
  • Tenants that exist on a remote Tomcat server running Tomcat 6 and Java 6 are not affected – these can still be managed and redeployed with the MTC version 8.5.

To upgrade MTC to version 8.5

This task shows you how to upgrade a single server MTC deployment, where both the MTC host (where there Tomcat server resides) and the MTC console have been installed on the same server. If you have deployed the Tomcat server on a different computer than the MTC Console, then the first seven steps should be performed on the server where the Tomcat server resides.

  1. On the server where you have installed the Tomcat server, from the Windows Control Panel stop the XenMobile Device Manager for Multi-Tenant service.
  2. If Java 6 is installed, uninstall both components using the Windows Control Panel.
  3. Install Oracle Java 7 SE Development Kit 7u25 (JDK Download Edition) update 25 or later.
  4. Replace the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 7. To install JCE files, first install Java SE 7. Then copy local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar from the JCE zip file downloaded, and overwrite the two files of the same name located in .../Java/jdk1.7.0_x/jre/lib/security and …/Java/jre/lib/security.
  5. Edit the JAVA_HOME Environment variable and update the installation path, as shown below:
  6. Run the XenMobile Device Manager for Multi-Tenant-8.5.0.xxxxx.exe installation file and follow the instructions to upgrade.
  7. Select Start > Edit Service and update the Java Virtual Machine path to reference the new installation path for the Java application:
  8. Next, on the server where the MTC Console is installed, back up the following two files:
    1. \install_dir\zdm_mtc\grails-app\conf\BuildConfig.groovy
    2. \install_dir\zdm_mtc\grails-app\conf\DataSource.groovy
  9. Back up the \install_dir\zdm_mtc folder.
  10. Delete all the contents of the \install_dir\zdm_mtc folder, but leave the folder intact.
  11. Remove the following folders:
    1. C:\Users\Administrator\.grails
    2. C:\Users\Administrator\.ivy2
  12. Extract the provided file to the existing empty folder: \install_dir\zdm_mtc
  13. \install_dir\zdm_mtc
  14. Optional for larger deployments with multiple tenants. Browse to the \install_dir\zdm_mtc folder, right-click the 'zdm_mtc.bat' file and select Edit. Modify the values shown below:
  15. Right-click the 'zdm_mtc.bat' file and select Start. Note that this will take longer than usual since it recreates and builds the files in Step 11.
  16. Log in to the MTC Console and check the MTC version to ensure that it is version 8.5.
  17. In the MTC Console, click Tomcat Servers > Edit on the existing Tomcat server.
  18. Change the Service Name to ZDMTomcat7 and then click Update.
  19. Finally, upload the v8.5 war file into XDM Applications and update all tenants to this version, noting the caveats at the start of this topic.