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To set up Multi-Tenant Console

Jan 07, 2015

To configure Multi-Tenant Console database access

  1. Edit the file <INSTALL_DIR_ZP_MTC>/grails-app/conf/DataSource.groovy and adapt the parameters of the data source.
  2. Note the Dialect and DriverClassName. Comment out relevant lines for either SqlServer or Postgres .

To configure the Multi-Tenant Console server URL

  1. At the bottom of the file is the production mode. Configure the hostname/IP address and Port for the server. You should edit all modes (development, test, production).
  2. Note the URL name is postgresql or sqlserver. If you are using Postgres, you will need comment out the SqlServer line and un-comment Postgres.

To configure the tcp/ip port number

Multi-Tenant Console is a web interface that needs to be accessed on a specific port number. The default port used is 8080. You need to change the port to 9090.
  1. To customize the web port used, edit the file <MTC Dir>/grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy and adapt the following line:

    // Available build settings